Bodycount Trophy Guide


Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 3/10
Approximate Time To Platinum/100%: 14-18hrs (min~max)
Trophy Breakdown: 42 Total

  • Offline: 32 (22 (B), 6 (S), 3 (G), 1 (P))
  • Online: 10 (7 (B), 2 (S), 1 (G))

Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1
Missable Trophies (M): None
Glitched Trophies: None
Are There Any Unobtainable Trophies?: None
Does Difficulty Affect Trophies?: Yes
Online-Pass :psn: Required?: No


Bodycount is a first person shooter with a semi-destructible environment set across Asia and Africa, you are recruited by The Network as an operative to look into a growing threat called Nexus and to stop it. Throughout Bodycount you will experience many intense moments and gripping cutscenes. There are no vehicles or teammates in Bodycount, it's just you, on the battlefield, with a gun, kicking :):):)!


Step 1: Complete the campaign on hard
Start a new game on “hard” difficulty, and finish all of the missions. Hard difficulty will be pretty easy as long you play strategically, you're going to want to use cover as much as you can as with any other shooter and go for headshots as that will greatly reduce the amount of bullets and time it takes to kill an enemy. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, abuse your grenades and mines, but be careful not to hurt yourself with them. Pressing :up: when you have a good amount of intel available to make yourself temporarily invincible is a really good tactic as then you can just run way past the enemies and push on with ease. While you are on your playthrough you will want to try and get the combat trophies as well. See the guide for more detail on them.

Step 2: Online Trophies & Co-op
For the online, you'll need to win 10 deathmatches (either team or normal) and one of each deathmatch type. If you are boosting which is recommended due to the dead online community, win 1 team deathmatch and 9 deathmatches, if you are doing it legit, win 9 team deathmatches and 1 deathmatch. For co-op, you'll need to finish round 20 on each of the four siege maps once and get 100 kills in one of those maps. Siege is like a wave defense game mode where you are defending yourself against incoming enemies. You get a new weapon to buy every 5 waves and surviving all 20 waves is not a difficult task at all with a good partner. After all that if you still haven't got 1,000 kills, then i recommend grinding the remaining on Xuchung Streets co-op siege mode.
Trophies cannot be earned in private matches but only public matches, but that isn't a problem since the online is dead you can easily create your own public match by just searching.

Step 3: Clean up
Clean up any of the combat trophies you may have missed during the first two steps here. See the guide for the best strategies to get each of the combat trophies. After cleaning up the rest of the combat trophies the platinum trophy will unlock, Congratulations :applause:

Note: All of the combat related trophies can be obtained in both the campaign and online co-op siege except for Stealing is wrong, kids!, Bad Medicine and Under their Nose.

Trophy Guide

All Bodycount® Trophies Won (P)
Win all Trophies available in Bodycount®

Collect all other trophies to unlock this Platinum Trophy! But you already knew that.

Story related Trophies

Welcome to Africa - Tutorial (B)
Complete the Induction mission

The Induction mission is the first mission you start in the game, it puts you right into the action so it may seem a little tough but you should get the hang of it quickly. Flank the enemy and stay behind cover when you are being shot at, it's much better not to take the obvious path since then you will just be running into enemy fire. I recommend using your secondary (SMG) rather than your shotgun since the shotgun is weak and has little range.

Wind of change (B)
Achieve all objectives in Africa

You must complete all of the missions in Africa, they are the first nine missions you play. After you finish the ninth level (Ore Mine 2) this trophy will pop.

A very bad feeling (S) (H)
Survive the first encounter with the Nemesis

You will first encounter the Nemesis in the 7th Mission. See the strategy below on how to defeat it.

[spoiler=Strategy]This boss fight starts when you discover the huge black tower, to defeat this boss you must destroy all 3 objectives. These objectives can only be destroyed by Airstrikes. When the nemesis comes shoot at it as much as you can to gain intel, keep shooting at it and once you reach maximum intel, head to one of the 3 objectives and call the airstrike over it by aiming at it when you are near it and pressing :down:.
Repeat this for the remaining 2.
Don't worry if you die, there are automatic checkpoints after each one you destroy.[/spoiler]

Wishing this was Vegas (S)
Achieve all objectives in Asia

You must complete all of the missions in Asia, these are missions 10-14. After you finish the 14th level (Target Interior 4) this trophy will pop.

You FTW (S)
Break into The Target's Weapons Nexus

You will get this trophy after finishing mission 15 (Shipbreakers Yard). Take it slowly with the snipers and enemies here, if you have full intel you can use invincibility (:up:) to run past the enemies. I don't recommend picking up the new light machine gun you unlocked on the last level, your high rate of fire assault rifle kaluka and explosive shotgun mevidak are a much better choice.

Sleep when I'm Dead (G) (H)
Defeat the K-8 Nemesis Widowmaker

You will encounter the nemesis once again on mission 16, see the strategy for more info on how to defeat it this time.
First off i recommend choosing the high rate of fire assault rifle kaluka again, that is definitely the best weapon to use in this battle (let alone the whole game).
Here are the steps to defeating this boss:
1. Keep shooting it and it will keep throwing out intel, keep on collecting this intel and after you reach a certain amount the nemesis will call for backup.
2. Defeat the 3 enemies that spawned, this is pretty easy if you just chuck an impact grenade (double tap :r1:) at their spawn. It should take out 2 of them right off the bat and the last enemy you can spray all you bullets at.
3. Now shoot the nemesis again until you reach maximum amount of intel, now call in the pulse wave (:left:) and hurry up to the Missile launcher on the highest area, once you reach it press square while standing behind it to shoot a missile at the nemesis. (NOTE: Sometimes if you are too slow you will have to restart from step 1)

Repeat this 2 more times until all the nemesis' health has been drained.
You will reach a checkpoint after each time you hit the nemesis.

Easy-peasy (B)
Complete Single player campaign on easy

See Warmonger for more information.

Bullet dodger (S)
Complete Single player campaign on normal

See Warmonger for more information.

Warmonger (G)
Complete Single player campaign on hard

Hard is actually a very easy difficulty to play on with a tight situation every here and then. Some really good guns i would recommend you use as soon as you unlock them are: G36, CQB .45, Tavor, Kaluka and Mevidak. Stay behind cover and aim for headshots. If you are stuck in one area then you can press :up: with enough intel to activate invincibility for a period of time in which you can just sprint past the enemies. Abuse your mines (:l1:), grenades(:r1:) and explosives in tough areas as well, the impact grenade (double tap :r1:) is great for quickly taking out a bunch of enemies, it's so good it's much more useful than throwing a normal grenade which takes time to blow up. Some areas you will be so overwhelmed by enemies that it feels impossible to move on, stay behind cover in these areas and lay your mines with your gun at the ready as well as some intel for invincibility. Sometimes running around having the enemies just chase you can be a great way to get past sections where you have to wait for something to finish before moving on. When you finish the final battle against the nemesis on mission 16 this and all the other difficulty trophies will pop considering you were playing on hard.

Finger on the pulse (B)
Upgrade OSB Pulse Wave

Your OSB Pulse Wave will be upgraded right after you finish mission 5.
The OSB Pulse Wave will make your radar bigger and you will spot enemies on sight, with level 2 you can stun and kill nearby enemies. Press :left: to use it.

Lighting their fire (B)
Upgrade OSB Explosive bullets

Your OSB Explosive Bullets will be upgraded right after you finish mission 2.
OSB Explosive bullets will give you 4x damage as well as unlimited ammunition for the period it is active, level 2 slightly increases damage multiplier. This is very useful against multiple enemies. Press :right: to use it.

Bullet Repellent (B)
Upgrade OSB Adrenaline

Your OSB Adrenaline will be upgraded right after you finish mission 1.
OSB Adrenaline will greatly reduce the amount of damage that is taken effectively making you invincible, level 2 increases your speed. Press :up: to use it.

Planes and Flames (B)
Upgrade Airstrike in OSB

Your OSB Airstrike will be upgraded right after you finish mission 6.
OSB Airstrike will call in an airstrike on an area you can designate, the area of the blast is quite big so take care not to call it near yourself, level 2 increases the explosion area. Press :down: to use it.

Combat related Trophies

Military intelligence (B)
Collect highest value Intel following multiple skillkills

To collect the highest value of Intel you must be on a skillkill streak of 15x or higher and then kill an enemy to make him drop the highest value Intel, you can identify a highest value intel as an exclamation mark inside green circle. You can build up your skillkills streak by using grenades, mines, headshots, explosives and back stabs.

This is very easy in co-op siege, i recommend Xuchung Streets map and camp at the top of the largest building and have your mines layed on the second floor, aim your weapon at the entrance to the top floor and kill anyone who appears with a headshot and have your partner cover your back.

NOTE: Your partner can have a 15x multiplier and make an enemy drop green intel for you to pickup and unlock the trophy.

Distance warfare (B)
Take out a Sniper with a grenade

Snipers are really easy to identify, they will have a red laser coming from their weapon whenever they are on the battlefield so you will know exactly where they are when you see one. It can be tricky getting towards the sniper without being killed so it's a good idea to use invincibility and move from cover to cover and when you feel you are close enough, throw an impact grenade or normal grenade at the sniper to kill him. The trophy will pop right after.

Another method to get this is to start co-op siege on Pirate Bay and there are usually snipers hanging around the area left of the huge hangar in the later rounds. Have your partner cover you while you move towards them to get close enough to throw a grenade at them and kill them.

Stealing is wrong, kids! (B)
Take out 10 Scavengers

Scavengers are enemies that will steal any bonuses that are on the ground such as intel, ammunition, grenades/mines etc. They look like ninjas and they wear a hood. You can easily identify them by their unique colors. There are plenty of scavengers throughout the campaign so killing only 10 should be no problem.

Bad medicine (S)
Take out ten Medics

Medics will revive your enemies on the battlefield so it is a good idea to kill them as soon as possible. You can identify them by their red and white armor and a clear giveaway is when you see a transparent red health pack near an enemy which means he was just revived. You will easily have over 10 medics killed before the end of the campaign.

Hitman (B)
Kill 10 enemies with a headshot

Very simple, just kill 10 enemies by shooting them in the head. G36 and Tavor are both extremely accurate fully automatic weapons so those are the two guns i will recommend for getting the 10 headshots. You can press :right: to increase the damage of your rounds and temporarily have unlimited ammo which will make this a piece of cake.

Nowhere to hide (B)
Kill 10 enemies through cover

You need 10 through cover skillkills, to earn a through cover skillkill shoot through a surface that can be shot through while aiming at an enemy and if you kill him you should get the skillkill. Not all surfaces can be shot through, occasionally you will get a shred skillkill, these do not count to your total. You should have multiple opportunities throughout each mission to get a through cover kill, try and do it whenever you have the chance and you should have no problem getting this before the campaign is over.

Up close and personal (B)
Kill 10 enemies using melee

To melee an enemy you press :circle:, run up to an enemy and keep pressing :circle: repeatedly til' you kill him. The melee system is very buggy so expect to hit your enemy a few times before he dies. Don't forget you can use invincibility to make this trophy much easier.

Robert Ford style (B)
Kill 10 enemies from behind

You need to earn 10 back stab skillkills, these are very easy, all you need to do is kill an enemy by shooting him in the back. There are many areas you can do this in, in the campaign but it will most likely come through natural play so you shouldn't worry too much about it.

In co-op siege mode you can get this trophy by having your partner distract and lure enemies while you shoot them from behind.

Boombastic (B)
Kill 10 enemies with explosives

Any explosives are counted for this trophy, mines, grenades, impact grenades, Medvak, explosive objects etc. This is easily done with impact grenades, just throw them at enemies you see and it should kill them if they land close enough. Medvak and mines are also other great ways to get explosive kills. This will come through natural play very early.

Hot Potato (B)
Kill 10 enemies with grenades

Most efficient way to get grenade kills is to use impact grenades (double tap :r1:) and aim them directly at enemies for a nice and easy grenade kill. Use them on groups of enemies for better results. Just 10 kills and the trophy will pop.

Leg frag (B)
Kill 10 enemies with mines

Mines (:l1:) are great for defense sequences in the campaign, place them on choke points and entrances to an area when you are defending. Even if you aren't defending, just run into some enemies and throw the mines towards them, hopefully they will walk over them and blow up.

Mines are very useful in co-op siege mode and you can easily rack up lots of kills with them there as you are basically always defending and holding a position in the map, just place mines wherever enemies may enter through and you should get kills soon enough.

Last breath death (B)
Kill 10 enemies while health is low

You need to earn 10 Near Death skillkills, to earn a near death skillkill, you must kill an enemy while you are very close to dying (You can tell this by the redness on your screen and heartbeating noises). This will most likely come through natural play so don't go out of your way to get this.

Bullet with their name on it (B)
Kill 10 enemies with the last round in your weapon

You need 10 last round skillkills to earn this trophy, I found the best weapon to do this with is CQB .45 at close range. Shoot you all but one bullet of your mag, with that last bullet you must get a headshot on an enemy that is not a heavy at close range, you can activate 4x damage by pressing :right: to make sure you get the kill.

This can be made easier in co-op siege mode on Xuchung Streets, have one bullet remaining in your magazine and camp at the top of the main building, as soon as you see someone activate 4x damage and shoot them in the head. (Best done after you have bought the CQB .45 when it is unlocked on round 5)

Under their nose (B)
Surprise kill 10 enemies

Surprise kills are both easy to do on mission 10 and mission 11. Best way to farm this is when you start mission 10, instantly go left and jump across the boats until you see a person walking towards a bridge (or is already on the bridge), move as close to him as you can but do NOT alert him, activate 4x damages (:right:) and while crouching, shoot him in the head. It should count as a surprise kill. If it didn't just suicide and retry, if it did, suicide and retry so you can redo the kill until you have 10, so keep suiciding/retrying and repeating the above until you have 10 surprise kills.

Multiboom-doom (B)
Kill 3 enemies at once with a single grenade

With one grenade you must take out 3 enemies. In campaign on the 15th mission where you are sent to retrieve the datacore, there are enemies scattered throughout the mission so all you need is to find 3 grouped up enemies which isn't hard at all there. Once you see a group of three, double tap :r1: to throw an impact grenade at them that should kill all 3 of them on impact as long as the enemies were close enough together.
Co-op siege will have occasional opportunities where you can knock this trophy out so take advantage of these opportunities when you see one.

Network weapon (S)
Skillkill 10 enemies in a row

See The Professional for more information

The Professional (G)
Skillkill 25 enemies in a row

It can take a few tries to reach a skillkill streak of 25 but it's do-able. I recommend attempting this on Xuchung Streets siege but there are also a good campaign mission where you can knock this trophy out as well. As always, the easiest skillkills are grenade, mine, back stab, headshot and explosive. For co-op siege on Xuchung Streets, place mines all over the second floor of the main building and camp up at the top, throw grenades if you see enemies down below and once you feel your mines are no longer there and can't protect you, start going for headshots, double check that you are aiming at the head of an enemy because it can be disheartening having to restart from 0.

In a few missions there are infinite spawns of enemies in the campaign, you can abuse this system for easy skillkills, the first infinite spawn you encounter is on mission 6 and this is the best one as well. From the start, go to higher ground ahead of your path and you should be see soldiers shooting at each other below, these soldiers respawn an unlimited number of times. Keep your distance from them so they don't know you are there though (stay where you are), keep shooting them in the back for back stabs and you can also go for headshots by shooting them in the head. Keep doing this to get your multiplier up, if you start getting shot at, go behind cover for a while and go back and back until they don't know you are there again. Then start getting skillkills on them again. Keep doing this until you have 25 skillkills and the trophy will unlock!

Rain of fire (B)
Kill 5 enemies at once with an Airstrike

There are very few missions where this is possible, mission 11 in the fishing village and mission 13 in the train yard will each have a few opportunities to get this trophy so save up your intel for when you see a bunch of 5 enemies in either of those missions.

This is much easier on co-op siege, Xuchung Streets or Pirate Bay are both great maps as they both have open areas for you to call in an Airstrike. When you are on the last few rounds of these two maps, keep an eye out for a bunch of enemies and call in an airstrike as soon as you see five enemies near each other. If the airstrike killed all 5 the trophy should pop.

Online Trophies

Online can of whoop-:):):) (B)
Kill 50 enemies in a co-op mode siege

See Never say "Die" for more information

Never say "Die" (S)
Kill 100 enemies in a co-op mode siege

Killing 100 enemies in a co-op siege is very easy and you should reach that number between rounds 15-18. If you are boosting you can ask your partner to let you get most of the kills to make this a little easier.

Don't call a doctor (B)
Survive the Medicenter siege

Siege is like a wave defense game mode where you are defending yourself against incoming enemies. You get a new weapon to buy every 5 waves and surviving all 20 waves is not a difficult task at all with a good partner. Militarised Compound is probably the most difficult map and might take 2 or 3 tries to finally beat. In this map you'll want to split up and be on the move whilst staying behind cover, camping won't be very effective during the later waves. Airstrikes are very useful on this map since it's pretty much in the open, press :d-down: when you have a full bar of intel to use them. Most of the time, you will die by the heavy machine gunners, so keep an eye out for those and if you see one, get behind cover and activate unlimited ammo by pressing :d-right: and spray as many bullets are you can at his head. Don't forget to place mines in choke points of the map.

Kept at bay (B)
Survive the Pirate Bay siege

Pirate Bay is a relatively easy map to beat, the suicide grenadiers can be quite a pain in this map so keep an eye out for those. Camping is very effective in this map and a perfect spot is on the upper floor of the hangar building. Place your mines on the 2 entrances and have one player defend each entrance. There's quite a few heavy machine gunners in this map, as always, if you see one press :d-right: to active unlimited ammo and shoot as much as you can at his head to take them out easily. If you ever feel you are getting overrun you can retreat to the back area of the hangar and camp there until you feel ready to go back to your defensive point.

Out of the darkness (B)
Survive the Mine siege

Ore Mine is not too hard but not too easy either. A great camping spot here would be on the highest point of the map inside the main buidling where there are two stairs leading to it. Have one player watch one stair and the other player watch the other stair. Make good use of your mines and grenades as you will rely on them when things start to get messy. Most of your enemies here will be suicide grenadiers and normal soldiers with a few heavy machine gunners thrown into the mix. Press :d-up: to activate shield incase you get too many suicide grenadiers running at you and use unlimited ammo (:d-right:) to make short work of the heavy machine gunners.

Beat the street (B)
Survive the Street siege

Xuchung Streets is a very easy map, you will want to camp on the highest floor of the tallest building, the one which you spawn in. There are many great places to put your mines here so make use of them. Don't go outside of the building unless it is for a weapon upgrade, outside of the building it can be hard to find cover and easy to get sprayed down by enemies. Almost every enemy here is a normal soldier with a few suicide grenadiers and heavy machine gunners every now and then. Since this map is pretty open outside, you will want to make use of your airstrikes by pressing :d-up: when the intel bar is full. Be on the lookout for enemies that are entering the building, don't let them catch you off guard.

2nd place equals death! (B)
Win a Deathmatch

To win a deathmatch you need to be the first to 15 kills or the one with the highest number of kills when the time runs outs.

Team Bodycount! (B)
Win a Team Deathmatch

To win a team deathmatch, you have to be the first team to 50 kills or the team with the highest amount of kills when the time runs out.

Killed 'em all (S)
Win ten Deathmatches of any type

You must win a total of 10 deathmatches (either team deathmatch or deathmatch wins will both count for this trophy). If you are boosting this which you should be, win 1 team deathmatch and 9 deathmatches. If you are doing this legit, then win 9 team deathmatches and 1 deathmatch.

Kilo-killer (G)
Score 1000 online kills

Any kill you get in an online match counts to this trophy, whether it is siege, deathmatch or team deathmatch they all will count. After doing all the other online trophies you should be at around 700-900 so it shouldn't take to long to grind the rest. You can always check your total kills on the leaderboards.

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