Terminator Salvation Trophy Guide


Approximate Time To Platinum: 5-10 Hours (min~max)
Trophy Breakdown: 11 Total

  • Offline: 11 (10 (G), 1 (P))
  • Online: None

Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1
Missable Trophies (M) : None
Glitched trophies: Some may glitch, but usually all unlock fine
Does Difficulty Affect Trophies?: Yes
Are There Any Unobtainable Trophies?: No

There isn't much to say to this guide since it is all easy and story-related.


Step 1: Complete Game On Hard

Start on a new campaign on hard. The game is a breeze and there are only a few tough parts throughout the campaign. Use cover to your advantage, attack enemies in weak spots, and save explosives for tougher enemies. We've included some ways to get through the levels to make this (P) a whole lot easier for you.


Wasps: These are small drones that fly in groups in the air. Take them out quickly before they can do too much damage to you. They're very easy to defeat with a good old shotgun blast to the face.

Medium-sized robotic spiders. To take them out, you have to flank them and expose their weak spot which is behind them. When you have flanked them, your team mates will shoot at it's weak spot while it is distracted by you.

The main enemy of the game. They look like a robotic human with a minigun. They're pretty tough but they seem to focus their fire on the AI more than on you so they shouldn't pose too much trouble. Take them out with a Pipe Bomb for best results. You can also use grenades, grenade launchers and RPGs as these are also very effective against them. Make sure you hit the weak spot of the Terminator that is in the middle of it.

H-K: A large flying ship that is pretty much a boss you encounter a couple of times in the game. It is accompanied by lots of wasps and can only be taken down by an RPG. First you want to eliminate some of the wasps because they will damage you a lot when you are trying to shoot the H-K as you are exposing yourself. Once you have a clear shot, aim and fire at the H-K. Repeat until the boss is dead. As long as you don't miss more than a shot or two this enemy is a breeze to defeat.

Trophy Guide

Determinated (P)
Collect all other Trophies

Finish the game on hard and the platinum will pop up right after, Enjoy!

L.A. 2016 (G)
Complete Chapter 1 - L.A. 2016 on any difficulty

Story Related And Can't Be Missed.

During this mission you will fight many enemies such as wasps and there is also a boss fight near the half-way point. Take out the wasps as soon as possible and use your rockets against the boss with accurate shots. This mission is designed to make you get a feel for the game, overall it's not too complicated and you'll get the hang of it easily.

Thank Heaven (G)
Complete Chapter 2 - Thank Heaven on any difficulty

Story Related And Can't Be Missed.

This mission is filled with wasps and as with any other mission, use your ammunition sparingly against them, you'll need it for later on in the level. Prioritize your fire against the spiders when they appear as well as the van which you should take out as soon as you can, that will ease out the opposition as you go along.

New Acquaintances (G)
Complete Chapter 3 - New Acquaintances on any difficulty

Story-Related and Can't Be Missed.

There isn't much too say here apart from using your pipebombs. Run up the stairs at the start so you trigger your AI to move up. Take out the terminator that isn't been attacked by your AI and then move on to the ones that are attacking your team mates. I can't say this enough but always use your cover.

The Sights (G)
Complete Chapter 4 – The Sights on any difficulty.

Story Related And Can't Be Missed.

This part is also not particularly hard as well. Just keep shooting at the enemies and when they come close use your pipebomb or your grenades. Then keep shooting at them, make use of cover or you will keep dying. At the boss fight, use rockets and try to be as accurate as possible. Avoid the fire from the wasps and keep yourself in cover when you aren't shooting.

Underground (G)
Complete Chapter 5 – Underground on any difficulty.

Story-Related And Can't Be Missed.

There's lots of enemies here and you will be defending for a while against constant swarms of them. Luckily there are checkpoints in-between the swarms after the vehicle battle. If you ever run out of ammunition, you can reload a checkpoint to refill your ammunition at that point. Move from the broken down train on the left side to the right side, and up the stairs. If you keep moving around in cover, it will be a breeze and there is always ammo for your rocket launchers and grenades.

Into The Wild (G)
Complete Chapter 6 – Into The Wild on any difficulty.

Story-Related And Cannot Be Missed.

Use shotguns early on against the wasps to take them out quickly. There will also be some spiders that you can take out easily as they won't fire at you often. After killing each one, hurry back to cover as more Wasps spawn.

Use explosives on enemies as they can be extremely helpful when fighting tougher enemies, grenades and grenade launchers are prime examples.Take it slowly throughout the level and this will be a breeze.

Angie (G)
Complete Chapter 7 - Angie on any difficulty

Story-Related And Cannot Be Missed.

There are alot of spiders and heavy enemies in this mission, flank them and take them out smartly. Conserve your ammo and don't get too trigger happy throughout this mission as you don't get many chances to resupply. As usual, save your explosives for tougher enemies and hide behind cover often.

Every life is sacred (G)
Complete Chapter 8 - Every life is sacred on any difficulty

Story-Related And Cannot Be Missed.

There's a few spiders and wasps at the start of this mission and at the end but blasts from shotguns and precision fire will do them well. The main part of this level comes to when you are fighting alot of heavy enemies You have plenty of rocket ammunition here plus lots of cover and they aren't too hard to take down, but remember to hide behind cover often, you can die as easily as you can live against many enemies.

For the resistance (G)
Complete Chapter 9 - For the Resistance on any difficulty

Story-Related And Cannot Be Missed.

At the start of this mission, grab some rockets as soon as possible then take out the first few heavy enemies as well as several spiders. A tough bit in this mission comes to when there are many heavy enemies firing at you, grab lots of rockets and grenade launchers, and fire at them bit by bit from behind cover, don't lose too much health and most importantly, don't lose too much ammunition either.

Seasoned Commander (G)
Complete the Game - Become a commander on Medium difficulty

Complete the game on medium or hard difficulty to unlock this trophy.

See “Veteraned Commander” for more info”

Veteran Commander (G)
Complete the Game - Become a commander on Hard difficulty

Use cover to your advantage, play smart and flank enemies. Shotgun wasps to take them out with ease and use explosives on heavier enemies. Aim for weak spots to do more damage. Most of the missions are quite easy but a few can have some tight spots. Last but not least, Conserve your ammu-nition for tougher oppo-sition because that's the pre-diction of countless crucifixions.

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