My Favourite EDM Tracks

I'm an EDM buff, so I want to share the best tracks with you. A huge thanks to Jaytech for his podcast, since that led me to some of the greatest tunes. without further ado:
1. Fon.Leman - Roses & Spikes (Original Mix): Fon.Leman's magnum opus. It immaculately depicts the ups and downs of life. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 084)
2. Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery pres. OceanLab - On A Good Day (Metropolis): The best song and music video ever. (Source: TATW449)
3. Matt Fax - Sju (Original Mix): This track is like a train ride with a wonderfully repetitive melody. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 060)
4. Lessov - Galacticon (Blend Remix): A sunny track that is a good source of vitamin Dopamine. It's reminiscent of the music of Sonic: After the Sequel, a fan-game with highly-acclaimed music. Fun fact: I researched the meaning of the word "galacticon" when it popped up on Wiktionary for RFV. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 067)
5. Sedi - Zzyzx (Original Mix): A track with a lovely melody and lovely vocals. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 070)
6. Sedi - Skyscraper (Original Mix): Another lovely track by Sedi. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 070)
7. Solarus - Rings of Saturn (Original Mix): Soft synths and masterfully-crafted melodies make for an eargasmic track. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 065)
8. Jaytech - Pyramid (Original Mix): This track has an unmatchedly unique atmosphere. (Source: Beatport)
9. Roddy Reynaert - Ahnk: Gotta love Roddy Reynaert's massive track "Ahnk" and his immaculate album "Higher Cognitive Process". (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 069)
10. Cirez D - Horizons (Original Mix): An intensely spiritual track that makes you wonder if the experience of music really is as simple as it seems. (Source: Cirez D)
11. Vintage & Morelli - Sky High (Original Mix): I wanna fly sky high 😀 So I can reach, the highest of all the heavens!!! (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 061)
12. Soundprank - Boundless Energy (Original Mix): An uplifting track. (Source: #TATW400 Jaytech live in Beirut)
13. Jeremy Olander - Groover (Original Mix): A confident track that makes use of subtleties to keep things interesting. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 093)
14. Pryda - Waves (Original Mix): A classic track. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 093)
15. Adam Szabo - Superposition (Original Mix): A massive anthem by Adam Szabo!!! (Source: Beatport)
16. Jerome Isma-Ae - Speed (Original Mix): A nice minimal track. (Source: Jerome Isma Ae - Speed (Jaytech live at Brixton Acadamy - S)
17. Arty ft Ray Dalton - Stronger (Mat Zo Remix): This song reminds me of Tails. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 093)
18. Sound Quelle & Stargliders - Pechkin: A chill track. (Source: Adrenalin Room's Chapter One Album Mix)
19. Adam Szabo - Falcon (Original Mix): A very happy track by Adam Szabo. (Source: Adam Szabo - Falcon [HD])
20. EDU - Domo (Sedi Remix): A nice downbeat track. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 068)
21. Jaytech - Vela: A relaxing track by Jaytech. (Source: TATW449)
22. Feu d'Or - The Computer (Original Mix): A track that changes your way of thinking. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 094)
23. Jaytech - Afterburner (Original Mix): A nice uplifter by Jaytech. (Source: JAYTECH playing ID @ MINISTRY of FUN Banska Bystrica, 8.3.2013)
24. Mat Zo - The Sky (Club Mix): A dirty track. (Source: TATW449)
25. Stunson - ID: A wonderful unreleased progressive track. (Source: Stunson - ID |HD|)
26. Common Grounds - To Be Given (Original Mix): A laidback track. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 091)
27. Stunson - Mountain Cold (Original Mix): A wonderful unreleased trance track. It looks like there might've been plans to release this on a theoretical label by Stunson. This music track is nowhere to be found on the internet anymore. I have it on my HDD, so if you want it, let me know. (Source: Stunson's YouTube)
28. Fon.Leman - One Day (Original Mix): An uplifting track. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 066)
29. DigitalJ & Frostwave - Maldives (Original Mix): A wonderful unreleased trance track. It looks like there might've been plans to release this on a theoretical label by Stunson. (Source: Digital J & Frostwave - Maldives (Stunson Club Mix))
30. Rafael Frost - New York: It has a catchy melody. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 075)
31. Max Freegrant & Yuji Ono - Yokohama Drift (Original Mix): A hard-hitting track that represents drifting pretty well. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 081)
32. Adam Szabo - Altra (Danilo Ercole Remix): A wonderful take on Adam Szabo's track that replaces the lead synth with a heavenly guitar. (Source: Beatport)
33. Matt Fax - Shift (Original Mix): A track that adequately represents change. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 081)
34. Jaytech - Dr Device: An interesting track by Jaytech with lyrics that apparently say "C'mon bells". (Source: Beatport)
35. Something Good - Bloom (Original Mix): A very laidback track. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 069)
36. Jaytech - Coda (Original Mix): A wonderful chill-out track. (Source: Beatport)
37. Mohamed Bahi - Atlas Highland (Original Mix): An uplifting track. (Source: [140 BPM] Pure Euphoric Melodic Uplifting Atmospheric Orchestral Tech Trance (01 Oct, 2014))
38. Reddfield - Circulate (Original Mix): I like this track because it reminds me of video game music. The bassline is the best part. (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 097)
39. Reddfield - Beneath The Ribbons: A generally-lovable track by Reddfield (Source: Jaytech Music Podcast 098)
40. Mat Zo feat. Linnea Schössow - The Sky (Original Mix): A cool track by Mat Zo that represents the feeling of the sky. (Source: TATW449)
41. Solarity - Terminal 6 (Original Mix): I originally came across this track from Jaytech's remix, but once I listened to the full version of the original mix, I liked it more because it built upon the melody more. I never buy tracks based off of 1-minute previews anymore. (Source: Beatport)
42. Reddfield - Pulse (Original Mix): An uplifting track by Reddfield. (Source: Beatport)
43. Adam van Baker - Tigra (Original Mix): An energetic track. (Source: Beatport)
44. Emotional Horizons & Xplorations - Emotia (Original Mix): A nice trance track. (Source: Beatport)
45. Andy Tau - Home (Adam Szabo Remix): Cool track, I guess. (Source: Beatport)
46. Ferry Corsten - Rock your Body Rock (Original Mix): Ferry Corsten is on a mission... (Source: Some video of Mat Zo playing live)

* If the intro of a track is boring, usually 1:30 is its "real start".
* Listen to Jaytech Music Podcast for some more great tunes.

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