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As a Wiktionarian with over 15,000 edits, let me give you a bit of advice: Never create a Wiktionary entry without a generator! Luckily for yall, I've made one over a few days. It supports the CJKV languages, and generates nouns (which you can replace with another headword template if necessary). You only need to enter the parameters you need. Changelog: 2017: Wrote this tool in JavaScript. 2017/08/30: Redlinks now take you to the create page and the Simplified Chinese page is now auto-generated. 2017/09/01: Synonyms and derived terms support added and etymology references support.
  • "=" delimits etymologies.
  • "_" is a variable that holds the previous-etymology value of a parameter.
  • ";" delimits alternative headwords (i.e. alternative spellings) and additional categories.
  • For hiragana, ";" precedes sound-changed hiragana, ":" precedes historical hiragana, and "|" separates readings.
  • Pitch accent can be between 0-9 and can be followed by references (d = Daijirin, n = NHK).
  • For etymology, enter one of the following: 1. "ltc" for Middle Chinese. 2. The components for a compound etymology, where ";" precedes transcription, ":" precedes translation, and "|" separates components. 3. "cする" for the conjunctive form of a verb.
Pitch accent:

Other stuff:
Use the following wikicode on English entries in the Citations namespace:

Here are a couple of scripts for auto-creating two types of Japanese categories:

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