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Minimum size 1: Maximum size 1: Shift size: Shift method: Font: Color: B I U Sub Sup

Miscellaneous options: Remove size=1 Remove size=2 Remove size=3 Remove size=4 Remove size=5 Remove size=6 Remove size=7 New line to <br>


Welcome to the size shifter tool, this is a unique tool designed for shifting the size of text in a vast variety of ways resulting in neat effects.

To start off, what this tool pretty much does is change the size of each character in text, play around with it for a bit and see what you can do! First enter your text in the text box provided, then below there are the "Minimum" and "Maximum" fields, let's assume you are using the increase mode, the text size will start at "Minimum" and increase, then stop just before "Maximum", and then repeat that until the end of the text (NOTE: Your minimum size cannot equal or be greater than your maximum size (how do you count UP from 4 to 1 ;)), otherwise the values will be interpreted as their default.). If you really want, you can even change the shift size (step) from the default "1". There are more shift modes available too:
Increase: means the size increments from "Minimum size" to "Maximum size" (e.g. 2,3,4 where "Minimum size" is 2 and "Maximum size" is 5)
Decrease: means the size decrements from "Maximum size" to "Minimum size" (e.g. 5,4,3 where "Minimum size" is 2 and "Maximum size" is 5)
Increase/Decrease max inclusive: Does exactly the same except the ending size is included (e.g. in the first example using this mode would result in 2,3,4,5)

You can add multiple shift modes to form your own customized size shifting loop, as an example using Increase in first shift mode and then Decrease in a second shift mode (to add more shift modes just click "Add Action", likewise remove it with "Remove Action") will create a mountain effect. Try out different types of combos for different effects, you are given 50 available actions in one of your customized size shift loops, and you can ask me if you'd like to increase the limit.

You also have the options of affecting an action with font (OS-dependent), colour (, bold, italics, underline, subscript, or superscript. The miscellaneous options allow you to remove size tags of a certain number, this is useful as a shortcut for selectively omitting the effects of size shifting (note that you can also do this with the default increase, which is not max inclusive) or for cleaning up the markup of the default text size (2 for BBCode, 3 for HTML). You can use the newline to
option in the case you need it for your HTM, this doesn't affect BBCode.

Here is an explanation of the buttons that this tool uses:
  • Add action: Adds an action. You can have up to 50.
  • Remove action: Removes an action.
  • Reset form: Resets the form.
  • Save: One-click save. Whenever you add an action, your state will automatically be saved, the tool relies on this to preserve your settings when you add. For this reason, I recommend using the custom save feature, where your save will not be overwritten by this..
  • Restore: One-click restore.
  • Custom save: Save with a custom name.
  • Custom restore: Restore a custom save by name.
  • Custom backup: Backup a custom save by name as text.
  • Custom delete: Delete a custom save by name.
  • Custom savelist: View the list of custom saves.
  • Backup saves as text: Backup all saves as text.
  • Load saves from text: Restore a backup from either "Custom backup" or "Backup saves as text". Here are some example presets (copy the text after the space after the colon after the name until the comma or fullstop): 1to7withitalics: min2:3;fieldcount:4;mode4:1;max2:5;min3:3;i2:true;max4:2;max1:2;mode3:1;max3:5;i4:true;, wavy: sup6:true;inc4:1;fieldcount:7;max5:4;max2:3;mode4:1;sup5:true;inc3:1;mode2:1;max4:3;mode7:1;max1:3;max6:4;max7:3;mode6:1;max3:3;, noparse: min2:1;col1:111111;fieldcount:2;min1:1;mode1:2;mode2:3;.
  • Clear all saves: Deletes all savedata with confirmation beforehand.
  • Hard reset!: Combination of "Reset form" and "Clear all saves", with confirmation beforehand.
  • Size shift!: Submits the form! 😀
+9th June 2017: Bugfix (fixed the backup saves as text loop to ignore irrelevant entries in localStorage, restoring its functionality). Bugfix (prevented an empty item from being created in localStorage when loading saves from text due to how str.split() works).
+8th June 2017: Simplified UI. Renamed remove() function to removeAction(), fixing a conflict in modern browsers which have a ChildNode.remove() function which was removing the button itself, lol.
+31st May 2017: Ported to JavaScript. Here is the PHP version:
+Numerous improvements: Hard reset button added, various useful miscellaneous options added (size omittance and newline to <br>).
+Added function: You can now reset the form with the "reset" button.
+Bugfix and features: A bug with different types of newlines has been fixed, and you can now backup just one save if you want to which is useful as a way of "bookmarking" your favourite patterns, or sharing patterns you think others might like.
+Changes and additions: The method used to view custom saves no longer clunks up your savedata and a much more suitable method for storing custom saves has been introduced. This also allows for the new "custom delete" function which can delete just one custom save if you want to
+Minor tweaks: You can now view the list of custom saves you have, and a confirmation is needed whenever you want to clear all save data.
+Further Improvements: You can now backup your savedata as text locally should you need to. This can come in handy when you have a lot of saves to manage, or even if you want to share your cool patterns with others.
+Improved feature: On top of the 1-click save/restore, you can now have multiple saves at the same time with custom names, an option to delete all saves has also been added.
+Multiple additions: Bold, italic, underline, subscript, superscript, and color fields have been added, as well as a cleaning mechanism to reduce some of the clunk in the output.
+New feature: Fonts are now added as an optional parameter allowing you countless more possibilities and crazy combos!
+Small Tweak: The save system now only saves where it is necessary meaning when a value in the form is the default value it won't save, this should lighten the load on the size of the save stored and improve performance immensely. Don't worry, everything still works just like it used to 🙂
+Features and upgrades: There is now a "save state" system which can save your current settings in the tool to your browser ready to be restored later, various bugs involving values resetting when adding or removing have now been fixed completely and a little panel has been designed for your administration of the tool.
+New feature: You can now adjust the increments (on a per-action basis too!), before you were forced with an one increment always.
+MAJOR REDESIGN: You are no longer required to choose from preset combinations, the tool is now completely dynamic and you are in complete control of what goes on!
+2012: Wrote this tool in PHP.

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